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First off, This is an important Tournament to The Dbacks very own Gordon McHendry, His Daughter is bravely fighting this awful disease. Thank you to everyone who came out to support. #CureCF4Avery

Could this be the year that TEAM AVERY(Durham Diamondbacks) finally wins the Cystic Fibrosis tournament? Or would the prized championship medals elude them once again?

Team AVERY again put both a coed and a mens team in. With 16 teams entering, winning the Championship would prove to be no small task.

The Diamondbacks along with "The Dbacks Wives club" arrived bright and early(7:30am) with coolers full of unmarked beverages in tow.

Game #1 DBACKS VS Beer Buddies (8:30am)

For the first game of the tournament, The Diamondbacks would Play The Beer buddies on the North West Hardball Diamond. Before the start of the game The Beer Buddies wanted rules put into the game to suit their needs, being a charity tourney The Dbacks agreed and started the game.

As soon as the game started it was clear The Beer Buddies were over matched so the Diamondbacks took it easy, never in much trouble feeling good throughout the game. Hard hits and Good Defence would give them thier first win of the tourney.

Final Score: 15-4

FUN FACT: Pitcher Gordon McHendry was called out for being the tenth batter and not announcing it, this was never a rule at all.

Game #2 DBACKS VS Sons Of Pitches (10am)

Their second game was against Sons Of Pitches, This game was also played on the North West Hardball Diamond. "SONS" Being a relatively inexperienced team, Would make a few to many errors letting The Dbacks take an early lead never looking backs.

In previous years The Dbacks have always struggled on the hardball Diamond this year things have seemed to change.

Dbacks WIN and are 2-0 in the Tournament

Game #3 DBACKS VS ??? (11:30am)

Time for The Coed Dbacks
Game one for Avery’s coed team was filled with excitement and anticipation. With new members Brad Quinton from the Pirates and Steve Valade from the machine this roster was looking like a winning one.

This is just what they did, everyone contributing they chipped away each inning and took the lead and held it... With some double plays, sharp fielding and hot bats the ladies showed the men a thing or two about how to get things done!

Before they knew it game one was behind them, as was their first win of the day! But no time to enjoy the win as Balls and Dolls are waiting next to try and give them their first loss.

Game #4 DBACKS VS Balls And Dolls (1:00pm)

Going into game two on a high from their first win Avery’s Dbacks were ready to take on some familiar faces in the next team... Playing against Balls and Dolls with Cory, Ruby and the debut appearance of 16 year old Ethan.

A fun game against a friendly team made for great second game of the tournament...

Once again Team Avery got to the sticks and even went through the complete batting order in the fifth inning. Fielding was on point and the second win of the day was sealed...

This concluded the games for the coed team for Saturday so the ladies could pull up a chair and cheer on the men!!

Game #5 DBACKS VS Admirals (2:30pm)

Damn Admirals!!!
For the third time in just over a week The Dbacks would face off against the hard hitting admirals. For Some unknown reason the Diamondbacks never seem to play their best against them.

Once again the bats went cold🥶and The Dbacks could not keep up. The Dbacks would eventually lose their first game of the tournament. But still sitting in good shape for seeding tomorrow.

Game #6 DBACKS VS RTTC (5:30pm)

This game would be ruled as a tie, Unfortunately outfielder Shawn Boyd was sliding into second when he was struck in the face by a ball thrown by the 3rd baseman. This stopped the game as it left everyone at the diamond in horror, waiting for the Ambulance to arrive as Shawn layed motionless on the diamond.

Truly the scariest moment in team history, Thank God he was alright and will recover over the next few months. Really puts things into perspective when something so terrifying happens in a "game" that is played for fun.

Heal up Boyd, we all wish you a speedy recovery

Game #7 DBACKS VS ??? (8:30am)

The coed team went into game #3 undefeated and knew quickly that they were the better team in this third match up. Even with a few errors and runs scored by the opposing team it was still clear they should take the game.

In the third inning outfielder Sarah Hely and member of the dbacks wives club was lined up for a routine pop fly when she lost the ball in the sun and it hit her in the forehead. She gave the thumbs up and completed the inning, but left the game (later to be diagnosed with a basal skull fracture)

It seemed Avery’s Diamondbacks could not pull things together, things went from bad to worse when a blown call by the umpire on an amazing catch by catcher Angie Desilets once again upset the teams mojo... Despite a great effort they could not pull out a win and this would end the coed Dbacks journey for the year.

Game #8 DBACKS VS Beer Buddies SemiFinals (11:30am)

The Dbacks would start slow in this one, scoring only five runs in the first three innings. By the time the forth inning would roll around the bats would wake up and just in time for a comeback scoring 5 runs but still trailing the beer buddies.

In the bottom of the final inning with the bases loaded, Beer buddies would intentionally walk 3rd baseman Pat Shirbon to get to 1st base Jamie Arsenault, with the winning run on third, Arsenault hit down the third base line, Roder would cross the plate and The Dbacks advance to the Semifinals in walkout fashion.

Game #9 DBACKS VS Admirals FINALS!!!! (2:30pm)

YES The Admirals and Dbacks would meet in the Finals, seemed like a story book ending if the Diamondbacks could pull off the most important win after losing to the Admirals the last three times.

Mike McDreamy AKA Poutine, had his hair flowing in the wind before the game trying to impress The Dbacks Wives club, must have been the free head and shoulders.

The game started off slow with the Admirals taking and holding onto a small lead. It seemed like if one team would have a big inning that would be the wining team.

After walking, Mitch Dunn was asked if his bat was stuck on his shoulders? Dunn replied "YES the bat got stuck in my traps" well played sir well played.

Unfortunately it was the Admirals who would have a huge inning scoring 17 runs in a single inning. The Dbacks did not give up and put up 8 runs of there own put in the end it was to little to late.

Tournament Notes:

  • Shawn Boyd has three broken bones orbital/tibia/scapula
  • Sarah Hely has a concussion and basal skull fracture

  • Steve Oliviaira threw three double plays, one of which was most likely the best I have ever seen🦸🏼‍♂️
  • Jamie Arsenault went 21-23, .913 AVG, and hit a walk off single to move on to the finals
  • Gordon McHendry hit two 4 base error home runs 🤣
  • The Dbacks would have to settle for Second place, the closest to winning yet

    Congratulations to the Admirals for a game well played,
    Enjoy the beer we will get ya next time

    2019 Champions

    2019 TEAM AVERY


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    Posted on: Tuesday July 30th, 2019 at 11:31PM