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chat_bubble 2nd Annual NSP Banquet
message from Janet:

Hi Everyone,

My apologies to anyone who may have received this email twice, a ton were returned to I am resending.

Hope you've all had a successful ball season!

We are getting close to our 2nd Annual NSP Ball Banquet!!!!

Here are the pertinent details:

Date: Saturday October 5, 2018 (not this not Thanksgiving Weekend this year)
Place: Oshawa Moose Lodge, 734 Wilson Rd S., Oshawa
Dinner: Full Roast Beef Dinner and Dessert
Awards: Following Dinner
Dance: Following Awards Ceremony
Cost: $35 per person

Let me know if any players on your team are interested or not and if so how many are interested in attending!!!

Ensure that you put your team name in your email with the amount of players interested and those wishing to purchase tickets.

Money will be payable by Sunday September 22nd. Tickets will be available starting Coed Playoff weekend.

And so everyone is not getting 50 replies, please just reply to me, don't use the "Reply to All" option!

Hope to hear from you all soon,
Thank you

(2018 award winners)
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Posted on: Thursday September 5th, 2019 at 4:31PM