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Multiple DBacks have been spotted in early spring training, looks like it will be tough to earn a spot on the returning champs roster.

With the DBacks close to the top of the CSP salary cap it will be near impossible for management to be able to resign rookies Brandon Dobrowolski, Jessey Thompson and Chris Crossley, but time will tell.

meanwhile south paw pitcher Gordon McHendry will enter into the 2022 season once again on the 40 day DL, putting the pressure on Don Cole as the only injury free pitcher on the roster

in the coming days The Diamondbacks will look to sign an infielder/catcher as well as an outfielder with low cap hit.

also rumour has it, veteran players Pat Shirbon and Steve Oliveira have signed multi year contracts and possibly for less than they are worth to stay in town.

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Posted on: Monday March 7th, 2022 at 10:13PM