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chat_bubble UPDATE from CSP(Len)

Hello everyone hope everyone is enjoying the start of the season.

We have a bunch of things to touch on so I will get to it.

We have 1st aid kits in the boxes on Clarington North/East and Rickard East. Once the blue seal is broken please contact me and let me know so I can replace contents if needed. These kits are labeled and are organized let's please keep them that way so the next person that needs something can find it fast. Thanks

There is still some Ladies and Gentlemen looking for teams.
If you have room on your team you might want a player contact me and we will see what we can do. Always best to have an extra player on your team then showing up to the game without enough.

Too many teams don't carry enough players and run risk of forfeit a game. This could be costly.

The call up list is a last spot to help each other out. We are not to use that UNLESS you believe you are going to be short under 10 ex: Len’s team believes that he only has 7 guys for tonight so he can call for 3 guys to help his team. You can only call to a maximum of 4 so that means you believe you only have 6 for that game. Remember you can't go to the list come play offs either.

The Audit Committee has been completed for the 2021season and we are now waiting on a date for a League meeting once I have that date I will let you all know.

I have heard from some of you about umpire please remember I can't deal with voice complaints I need them in writing. Many ways you can do this but please if you don't want that same umpire to get better or if they can't you will still have them come Aug.

Some teams still think we are in Covid restriction, WE ARE NOT.
Home team only has to put 1 new and 1 use ball in the game that is it. Only the umpires have to put a line up copy in the mailbox unless you have something else to say.

Last year we had a vote on if we wanted to do something on coed weekend for a bbq to sell to make more money for better prizes. If we are going to do this we best start getting ready. Only those division that help out will benefit from this sale. Ask your players. Please forward your name to me and I will set up a meeting for all of you. Thanks

Last it was pointed out to me that some teams are still not putting the bases away right. If we put hole in the top part of the base from the peg they will NOT allow us to return them and I am to bring the one set back already for a replacement So up to all of us to do our part or we just keep paying $700 each set. Thanks Len

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Posted on: Thursday June 2nd, 2022 at 2:41PM