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chat_bubble Playoffs Update (from Dave)

All CSP Men’s Team Reps,

Just a heads up. Playoffs are on/y 2 weeks away. They will begin immediately after Regular league play ends. We must keep games moving or we will be playing in Oct, which can be wet and cold. Be expected to play a Double Header, (games 1 & 2), and a game 3, if necessary in one week. This will not likely happen until we get into Semi Finals and Finals.

We must have the 9th vs 8th place 1 game playoff in each division to see who moves on into quarter finals. These 2 games will be played ASAP.

After that it will be best 2 of 3 Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, and Finals for each division.
Please note I will only be able to put the schedule out weekly as it will depend on how series are played out.
I will try to keep Division 1 on Mon and Wed, and Division 2 on Tue and Thu as much as possible but that could change pending rain and as we get near the end.

Quarter Finals will be teams 8 vs 1, 7 vs 2, 6 vs 3, and 5 vs 4.

Semi Finals will be: Semi #1 - winner of teams 8 vs 1, and winner of teams 5 vs 4 playing off.
Semi #2 – winner of teams 7 vs 2, and winner of teams 6 vs 3 playing off.

Finals will be 2 remaining teams in each division.

*Please keep entering your scores nightly so standings are up to date. Having proper stats makes scheduling more timely if I do not have to chase down scores. I must also cancel diamonds with the Town on short notice if a series finishes. Winning team, please report when you finish a series.

Thank You,
Dave Wright
CSP Men’s Scheduler

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Posted on: Saturday August 20th, 2022 at 7:59PM