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chat_bubble Post Season Preview 2022 Edition

The banana slugs went undefeated this year, definitely a great accomplishment. For their efforts they get to take on a young and energetic team "velocity" in the quarter finals. While the Slugs come out as the huge favourites I wouldn't sleep on this never say die Velocity team just yet. The seres will start Monday September 12th at 7pm sharp

Everyones Favourite CSP team, The Durham Diamondbacks will take on A-team. A-team has struggled as of late while The D-backs have caught fire. Absolutely anything can happen in the playoffs but this Diamondback team will be hard to finish. The Durham Diamondbacks are 2021 "B" champions and I am betting they have their eyes on an "A" Championship this year. series starts Wednesday September 14th 7pm. Clarington Field

The Filthy Snatches have been a top team for a few years now, They always show up to play. Filthy Snatches will be home to "I'd Hit That". Filthy have struggled the last couple weeks leading up to the post season but should be able to make quick work of a much lower seeded I'd Hit That team. but again anything can happen in the playoffs.

Deadlast have won the CSP Championship numerous times and I am sure they would love to add to that but they have a tough road ahead of them. Deadlast, having one of the oldest team averages have had to forfeit and even lost some games that shocked the odds makers this season. The question is have they saved enough gas in the tank to make it through three gruelling rounds in the cold weather of late September and early October. Deadlast will host The Renegades on Wednesday September 14th @7pm

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Posted on: Thursday September 8th, 2022 at 8:27PM