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assignment 2021 CHAMPS!!!!!
Wednesday 8:30PM October 6th, 2021

After a huge game 1 win 21-14 The Diamondbacks were feeling confident, maybe a little too much. In the top of the 1st Allstar Outfielder James Davis decided to swat the ball away with his glove allowing the Renegades 3 extra runs for a total of 7. At first it was thought that he had takin psychedelics with other members of the team but after the game when asked, he confirmed he had not.

"I just wanted a competitive game" Davis said "they needed a little help and I gave it to them"

By the end of the second inning all the yelling and swearing was done and the Durham Diamondbacks got to work and started to claw back into the game.

In the 3rd inning the D-backs were able to tie it up at 7, momentum had swung and the D-backs could almost taste victory. The Renegades were held to just 3 runs in the final 6 innings of the game. The Durham Diamondbacks would come away with the victory making it a clean sweep, in this low scoring/defensive gem.

A special thanks to The Renegades, a first year team in the league. great competition and great sportsmanship.

"its been a long season and I stuck with it right to the very end not missing a single game" Graham said after the game.
His dedication and determination is truly second to none.

winner of the Iron Man Award

NO SHOW Joe was able to make it just in time to see the final out of the ball game/season and of course post game festivities.

Until next year, Thanks for the great season boys!!!!

L/R: Brandon,Pat,James,Jessey,Jamie,Holt,Don
(Graham not pictured.......again)

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Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
Renegades 7 0 0 1 0 0 2 10
Diamondbacks 1 5 1 3 0 2 x 12

At The Plate
arrow_rightJessey:3 for 4
arrow_rightBrandon:3 for 4
arrow_rightChris:3 for 4
Team Fines
arrow_rightGraham:  $5 for HIDP $5
The team sincerely thanks you for your contributions!🤑
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Posted on: Monday October 11th, 2021 at 9:45AM